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About Harmonized Approach Therapies

Harmonized Approach Therapies was born from Joy Berchiminsky's love for helping others reduce their physical pain and maintaining optimal physical health.  She began her career by offering massage therapy services since 1998 and has now harmonized the muscular system with the nervous system, adding acupuncture to her practice.  These combined modalities offer excellent results with a more holistic approach to reduce pain and encourage optimal healing in the body.

A Natural Solution

Joy loves to promote natural healing whenever possible. Her approach uses physical manipulations of the muscles and acupuncture points to help promote the body's natural healing mechanisms to alleviate misalignments and pinched nerves. In acupuncture, she's been successful in about 98% of her treatments, with approximately 95% of her customers coming back to treat new issues as they arise. If you have problems with soft tissues and joint dysfunction, count on Joy to provide the solutions you need.

Woman Receiving Back Massage